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Wendy S. Meadows

The Law Office of Wendy S. Meadows

meadows-wendyFor Wendy S. Meadows, being a successful attorney is only a part of what defines her as a person. First and foremost, she sees herself as a motivator who inspires others to be their best selves.

Whether it’s in her role as a family lawyer, where she seeks to have her clients emerge from the divorce process a better person, or as a fitness coach, where she helps working moms lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, Meadows is all about building people up.

“Because I have learned how effective positive praise and help can make a difference in someone wanting to lead a better life, I have started to use some of the same language and encouragement in my law practice to help law clients going through the divorce process,” Meadows said. “I have seen that giving advice in an encouraging manner seems to resonate more than the old-fashioned way of telling clients to do things ‘your way or the highway.’”

After quickly working her way to partner at the family law firm where she began her career, last August she decided to set out on her own and open the Law Office of Wendy S. Meadows. With only two months of planning, Meadows was able to open her doors earlier than expected, and she covered her startup costs within six months.

In her role as a fitness coach, Meadows, 40, teaches professional women like herself the value of healthy habits to their lives and careers.
“I strongly believe that professionals need to be healthy to be their best selves,” she said. “I do my part in showing others in similar lines of work that not only is this sort of lifestyle possible, it is impossible to flourish without it.”

Among other honors, Meadows was named one of The Daily Record’s Leading Women in 2016 and is a member of Super Lawyers.

Born in Misawa, Japan, Meadows received her Bachelor of Arts from Franklin & Marshall in 2002 and her Juris Doctor from Washington College of Law in 2005.

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