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Bonnie Stein

Board Chair
University System of Maryland Foundation

Bonnie Stein has been a member of the University System of Maryland Foundation for 12 years and five as the board chair. Stein, who has more than 30 years of experience in financial services, previously served as CEO, president and co-founder of Jemma Financial Services, which offers financial advice to women of all backgrounds.

What makes you excited about your job?

I get to be an eyewitness to the research, teaching and leadership that is improving the wellbeing of Maryland and the nation. The foundation supports the extremely vital work of the system schools and academic centers by helping to build a culture of philanthropy and by investing donations to benefit students, faculty and programs. And I cannot ask for a better team: dedicated, professional, committed to the mission and fun. I owe my success to two University of Maryland institutions.

How have you been personally affected by the pandemic?

On a positive note, my technology skills have greatly improved. I have spent less time in the car and more time on important issues. Participation in meetings has increased as platforms like Zoom have gained greater acceptance. On the downside, I miss the connection that in person meetings provide. I have also lost people close to me from COVID-19 as well as other ailments. Aside from losing close friends, I believe we will be better for what we have experienced.