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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

Joe Tydings’ lessons from then and now

Ex-U.S. Sen. Joe Tydings was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but within a few years he was blessed with a table setting of good fortune, political as well as financial. His adoptive grandmother, Marjorie Merriweather Post, ...

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Farewell column: Ring the bells while we can

Ring the Bells that still can ring                Forget your perfect offering                There is a crack in everything                That’s how the light gets in     — Leonard Cohen Newspapers find the cracks. That’s how the light of democracy ...

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The plight of mainstream newspapers (access required)

  Let us begin today with a Mark Twain moment: News of his death, he famously said, had been greatly exaggerated. One of  his best lines. In honor of newspapers’ contributions to our democracy, we will call the news of ...

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A slain cop’s legacy? (access required)

The mayor says violence in Baltimore is “out of control.” Hard to disagree — unless you consider a dark rebuttal: The head-shooting street assassins  — these guys are in control. And their grip is tightening. We sped past 300 and ...

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Still hope in the rule of law (access required)

Occasionally, on the brink of despair, some of us are tuning out. “I just can’t stand to hear anymore,” a friend said the other evening. So she doesn’t listen to NPR. Or read anything political or governmental. Or talk about ...

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Drug price gouging? It’s personal (access required)

As a professional observer of public affairs, I should avoid commenting on issues that affect me personally. Full disclosure in such situations seems prudent. Herewith some thoughts on the General Assembly’s anti-drug price gouging bill. I am, of course, affected ...

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Vehicles for Change revs it up (access required)

  The president of Heritage Automotive, offering a decent approximation of an Indy race starter, watched the 20 drivers settle into their new cars. “Drivers,” he said, “start your engines.” All 20 vehicles behaved according to the script, sending the ...

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Md. Democrats in a pickle (access required)

There’s been just a bit of a buzz recently about new hope for Democrats taking back the governorship in 2018. That very conversation, the buzz, would make some Democrats (and Republicans) wonder if they had fallen into a time warp. ...

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