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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

City IT boss gets big bucks? Hooray!

Wow, big headline, big scandal? Do we need to be thinking about a recall? Did you know the new information technology guy pulls down more than the mayor, more than the police commissioner, more than the state’s attorney? Maybe you ...

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You can walk in Douglass’ shoes

Thanks to his fourth-grade teacher, Thelma Jones, Walter Black knew that Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County. Tuckahoe to be specific. You must be proud of that, she instructed. Born a slave, Douglass became an international leader of the ...

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The mayor of more

Tuesday morning. For Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, a day like any other: 5 a.m. Runs. (Pretty early someone says, shaking his head. When else? she asks.) 7:30 a.m. Meets with university and college presidents on safety issues. 8:45 a.m. Hears ...

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Learning from our history

Twenty three years ago, in a less incendiary time, clever leaders in Maryland found an elegant solution to the issue of racism-tinged statuary. Their success may have been more of a one-off than a model for dealing with this vexing ...

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Jim Rouse’s vision

People speak of vision as if somehow we could all have it. We can’t. You have it or you don’t. Jim Rouse, the founder of Columbia 50 years ago, had it and then some. People are remembering him these days ...

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On our own

CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. – A day after President Donald Trump’s second refusal to lead the nation away from hate, I came to a conclusion I think many of us share by now. The man in the White House – who seems ...

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A voice that will be missed

The voice, the laugh, the backslapping hail-fellow style,  the voice of the community, the voice of reason (usually), the voice of someone eager to speak for you, that voice, gone. The universally recognizable radio voice of Baltimore signed off on ...

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For Pugh, no learning curve – and no help from Washington

The president wants to fire the attorney general. The attorney general refuses to take the hint. Why doesn’t he quit, already? Why? Jeff Sessions asks. Everything is just fine. He flies off to Central America to assist in controlling gang ...

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Md.’s Medicaid defenders mobilize

  SALISBURY — Joana Weaver wanted to applaud a grassroots victory on the health care front, but she couldn’t quite manage it. “I’m still scared,” she said. The Republican effort to scale back Medicaid fell — but just barely. Weaver ...

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