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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

No time for a Md. constitutional crisis

  He’s much too feet-on-the ground and politically savvy to find any leadership qualities in Donald Trump — and he’s probably no follower of Sen. Mitch McConnell, either. So what’s up with our governor heading for a constitutional crisis with ...

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Understanding is a lifelong quest

  CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. – People, including me, struggle to define this American utopia, this place of humanistic reflection and civil discourse. Usually the conversation ends with hands thrown up and the universal cop-out: “You have to be there.” It’s true, ...

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Life, death and leadership

  By now, many current problems in our country and the world are laid at the feet of President Trump. (Rightly so, I think.) Bailing out of the Paris climate accord. Making our NATO partnership seemingly less secure. Russia’s invasion ...

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A lot more than just a car

Chris Simms seemed to be sneaking glances at the shiny red, good-as-new Mazda, as if looking too closely might waken him from a dream. The 2004 model car with a wide, gold-colored ribbon on the hood would, Simms said, change ...

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What is Hogan waiting for?

In case you wondered why the General Assembly wanted to get a handle on drug prices: Price hike for the asthma drug albuterol: from $11 to $434 in six months, 4,014 percent; Price hike for naloxone, the overdose-stopping drug: from ...

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Baltimore Mayor Pugh moving forward

The still-new mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, made no news, offering a rundown of her extensive public service resume and listing some of her priorities, none of this particularly new or dramatic. She got a standing ovation. A number of ...

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