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Maryland high court weighs constitutionality of ‘thin blue line’ at trials

A criminal defendant cannot receive a fair jury trial when a bailiff wears a face mask emblazoned with the pro-police “thin blue line” flag during the court proceeding, a defense attorney told Maryland’s top court.

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On ‘thin blue line’ imagery at trials, Maryland appeals court issues caution

A criminal defendant’s right to an unbiased jury is not necessarily violated by the courtroom presence of a bailiff wearing a face mask emblazoned with the pro-police “thin blue line” flag during trial, Maryland’s second-highest court ruled Wednesday in upholding ...

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Morrissey bans ‘blue line’ imagery on district court judges, staff apparel

Maryland District Court Chief Judge John P. Morrissey has told his fellow jurists and court staff not to wear any apparel that displays the “blue line” of support for law enforcement while they are on duty or on court property, ...

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Campaign: Maryland candidate didn’t like anti-police tweet

The Twitter account of Ben Jealous' campaign liked a six-month-old tweet that described corrupt police and the #BlueLivesMatter in vulgar language, but a campaign spokesman said Thursday that the Democratic candidate for Maryland governor didn't like the tweet and it doesn't represent his views.

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Frederick cop alleges superiors punished him for ‘Blue Lives Matter’ rally

A Frederick police officer has sued the department and several superiors for allegedly intimidating and defaming him in retaliation for a Blue Lives Matter rally he organized last year. Daniel Sullivan seeks $20 million in compensatory and punitive damages for ...

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Md. proposal would include police in hate-crime law

A Senate committee heard testimony regarding a proposal to extend Maryland hate-crime protections to law enforcement officers. The bill, originally titled The Blue Lives Matter Act of 2017, adds language to the Police Protection Act defining a law enforcement officer ...

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