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New cranes heading to Baltimore to close bridges

Massive new cargo cranes heading to the Port of Baltimore will stop traffic on two bridges along the way. The Maryland Transportation Authority says Coast Guard and transportation officials were worried that motorists would stop to watch or cause accidents. ...

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Rockville’s district courthouse closes due to sewage leak

Rockville’s district courthouse, which opened Monday after three years of construction at a cost of $65 million, was closed Wednesday due to seeping sewage nearby — apparently the result of the strain the new facility put on a blocked city ...

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David R. Craig: Maryland needs to meet its unfulfilled BRAC obligations

As we enter the final year for Maryland’s implementation of its preparations for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), I applaud the progress made to date by all levels of government and by the private sector to prepare for the influx ...

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Bay National Bank: Nothing to see here

The Dept. of Treasury’s Office of the Inspector General investigated the failure of Bay National Bank in July and found nothing special in the bank’s downward spiral. “The primary causes of Bay’s failure were its aggressive growth strategy, excessive concentrations ...

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