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Deal would possibly cut ‘rain tax’ up to 85% for port businesses

Baltimore officials are close to an agreement with port and other harbor-area industries that could significantly reduce the amount those businesses would pay under the city’s proposed stormwater fee.

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Opponents want fee on lands leased for fracking

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland opponents of a controversial drilling technique want to asses a $10 per-acre fee on land leased for extracting gas. The retroactive fee would apply to lands leased for hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, a method of ...

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Week in review – 1/27/12: Sparrows Point is back to work

Sparrows Point is back to work Employees of the RG Steel plant in Baltimore County’s Sparrows Point have returned to work earlier than expected after about 720 of them were furloughed Dec. 22. Most returned last week, with about 250 more ...

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