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MDEC program could raise court filing fees

Maryland’s top judge will brief the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on Tuesday afternoon about the Judiciary’s program for appointing attorneys to provide counsel to indigent defendants at initial bail hearings before district court commissioners.

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Panel: Let OPD handle bail hearings

A state commission will urge the General Assembly next session to scrap the Judiciary’s program of appointing attorneys to represent indigent defendants at initial bail hearings in favor of having the public defender’s office handle the representation.

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Top court weighs start date for lawyers-at-bail requirement

An attorney for indigent people said Maryland’s top court should immediately implement its landmark decision that they have a right to counsel at initial bail hearings, while a lawyer for the state urged a delay at least until the start of the fiscal year on July1.

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Letter: Lawyers-at-bail discussions focus on wrong issue

The recent discussions over the Court of Appeals mandate for attorneys at bail reviews have focused on an interesting issue, the right of the Maryland legislature to delineate funds in the Maryland Judiciary's budget to pay for bail reviews. Interesting, but off the mark.

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