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C. Fraser Smith: For Baltimore mayoral candidates, challenges in a city ready to be led

You can’t tell by the thermometer it’s springtime – for those who would be mayor of Baltimore. Or, maybe you do see it – two dozen of candidates of both parties lining up to run. It’s already an open seat. ...

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Source: D.C. mayor rejected plea deal

Vincent Gray

A person familiar with an investigation of District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray says he has rejected a deal federal prosecutors offered that would have ended the probe of his actions during his 2010 campaign.

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Laslo Boyd: Why strong mayors are important

Big city mayors have been much in the news this year. The end of Michael Bloomberg’s 12 years as mayor of New York City has drawn stories describing the many changes that he brought to that city, from major development projects to bike sharing to policing tactics to the recovery from 9/11.

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