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Johns Hopkins data spilled in ‘extortion’ attempt

The names, email addresses and telephone numbers of as many as 1,200 current and former Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineering students were posted online after a hacker's failed extortion attempt aimed at gaining broader access to the school's computer network, the university said Friday.

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Websites try to nix nasty comments

NEW YORK — Mix blatant bigotry with poor spelling. Add a dash of ALL CAPS. Top it off with a violent threat. And there you have it: A recipe for the worst of online comments, scourge of the Internet. Blame ...

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Pro-life protesters seek $43.2M from Rockville-based Voice of Choice (access required)

A Rockville-based nonprofit that posts the names, photos and contact information of anti-abortion protesters online is facing a class-action lawsuit by people it has deemed “Bullies” on its website.

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Is Big Data turning government into ‘Big Brother’?

SAN FRANCISCO — With every phone call they make and every Web excursion they take, people are leaving a digital trail of revealing data that can be tracked by profit-seeking companies and terrorist-hunting government officials. The revelations that the National ...

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