Rawlings-Blake, Pugh ‘dissed’ in Conaway campaign site rap

Baltimore City mayoral candidate Frank Conaway has posted a rap on his campaign site that's a little hard to miss. It takes just a couple swipes at his competitors for the spot — Otis Rolley, Catherine Pugh, Joseph "Jody" Landers and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. While we're not sure this is actually Conaway rapping himself, the song is ...


  1. Frank should give up on the esoteric and go for more conventional rhymes. Rhyming “Conaway” with “Gone Away” would be a good place to start. A society that took haplessness seriously wouldn’t leave him out there all alone.

    BTW – a story should be self-contained, so referring back to a rhyme that does not appear earlier in the story is amateurish. No doubt it was the editor’s fault.

  2. I’d say Andre 3000 has nothing to worry about.

  3. This family will do anything for attention. They remind me of children.

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