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How to build a personal law library (access required)

One of the partners at my law firm is a walking legal database. Whether I need to know a case dealing with fiduciary duties of a prior owner of a company or the last case in Maryland dealing with notices for mechanic's liens, there is a high probability that he will know the case (or ...


  1. I maintain a Sharepoint site, accessible to me and all staff from anywhere. Our internal research memoranda, important cases, and forms are kept there. This constitutes the firm’s institutional knowledge. This is distinct from our shared access to all the “virtual files.”

    On a personal level, I maintain hundreds of categorized cases on my kindle. This gives me the key decisions I often need on the fly, and they are always in the brief case. It’s also easier to read a new case at the gym in this format.

  2. Great idea….and totally free if you read the Daily Record at the library.