I won’t pretend to be a public relations expert, but I’m pretty sure that having your CEO run away from a reporter and then locking the reporter in a room isn’t going to be on anyone’s list of PR best practices. That’s what reportedly happened last week in Washington. According to this account, reporter Mike Elk tried ...


  1. The statement from Honeywell KILLS me. Why would they say his account is inaccurate and claims are without merit? He’s pressing charges. I’d say that’s with merit. Statements like that only get big companies into trouble. ARGH!!

  2. How does Honeywell’s moving U.S. Jobs to India and China, Revitalize America? Or selling the DOD foreign made parts (that don’t work as promised)encourage entrepreneurship? Lies manufactured by Honeywell seem to be their best U.S produced product We Americans BY!