City’s new Enterprise Zone includes Pratt St.

State officials this week released a new map of the Baltimore’s Enterprise Zone. The new map has added Pratt Street and eliminated Harbor East. That detail added...

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  1. There are two problems with this arrangement. First, we know that ‘enterprise zones’ are designated as blighted areas in underserved communities that will be targeted for small business development with the underserved in the community becoming the small business owner and hiring people within the underserved community. Pratt Street downtown doesn’t meet any of these descriptions.

    Secondly, we know by open public protest of employees in these enterprise zones and by research data conducted on the subject that these enterprse zones are not meeting their hiring and pay reqirements as is the purpose of these tax credits. We are seeing worker’s rights violations and wage fraud in all of the downtown enterprise zones. Although the city refuses to audit these agreements, we will be coming soon to shed light on this situation.

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