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Enjoying Independence Day

FireworksAs you very well know, July 4, America’s Birthday, lands on Thursday this year. Most lawyers that I know have already decided to take Friday off or “work from home” (which, in reality, is taking Friday off, as Jen has noted).

For me, with the prospect of a short week and the upcoming celebration, I figured that the work week would be fairly quiet. It would give me an opportunity to take care of a few loose ends and catch up on my backlog of work before the holiday.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Everyone seems to be trying to leave town for the long weekend, so the phone has been ringing and emails have been accumulating. For any attorney, taking a few days off comes with a price. I often joke that attorneys do not take vacation, but they are simply procrastinating from completing work. And while time off is important, both from a physical and mental standpoint, I cannot relax unless I know that all the loose ends in my cases have been tied up as tightly as possible. I am certain most other attorneys are the same way.

If you are lucky enough to be part of the exodus for what is hopefully a four-day, mid-summer break, remember to enjoy it. I, for one, plan to, so long as I can get the rest of my to-do list completed.