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Heidi Klotzman: 5 Women Who Changed My Life

Heidi L. Klotzman, Founder & CEO, HeidnSeek Entertainment LLC
2016 Leading Woman Recipient

Heidi Klotzman

Heidi Klotzman

MOM: Helene Klotzman-Miller

My mom, Helene Klotzman-Miller is the consistency and core of my life. She is always there for me. From bringing me to life, to nurturing me when I was little, to helping me get well when I was sick, to taking and getting me from school every day, to attending all of my performances, to reassuring me of my talents, to making sure I had joy and play in my life, to comforting me when I am discouraged, to reinforcing me when we work together on projects, she’s what it means to be a mom. I draw from her kindness and compassion for others. I admire her reliability, tenacity, resilience and indescribable essence. She hasn’t just changed me, but shaped me all along.

My Dad’s partner, Susan, has been like a mom to me since we met. She has been open, generous, helpful, understanding and a champion of mine. She’s always interested in listening and giving advice when I have a personal or professional challenge. I look up to her many talents, achievements and resolve in moving forward, regardless of what obstacles arrive. I can’t imagine life without either my mom or Susan.

GRANDMA: Faye Klotzman-Swimmer| Naoma Miller

Both of my grandmothers were supportive, loving and attentive to me. I miss their physical presence, but feel their impact, nonetheless. Faye fostered my love of music by playing piano often, advocated that I learn the instrument and brought me with her when she volunteered to entertain at nursing homes. Naoma helped me to understand a more pragmatic side of life, stressing the importance of budgeting and saving, buying for quality versus trend and was a cheerleader of my writing. They were so different, yet so complementary and irreplaceable.


If we are fortunate, we have childhood educators that we remember warmly all of our lives. Leigh Lowe, my college advisor at Roland Park Country School, is one of those figures for me. I was an outspoken and unconventional thinker as a teen. Leigh loved and accepted me exactly the way I was and encouraged me to embrace myself. She was also the key factor in helping me transfer from another school to Goucher College after I wanted a change. I loved Goucher, graduated from there, started my business there, and will always be grateful for it and Leigh’s crucial support along the way.

BUSINESSWOMAN: Shelonda Stokes

It’s important for people to look out for other people in general and for women to look out for other women in particular. They don’t have to, but it’s endearing when it happens. Shelonda is my most recent example of this. She is a local business owner who’s been working in events for quite some time. This past year, she went out of her way to refer my services to a great connection. She’s also a large proponent of giving back and has a track record of working on endeavors that do just that. Shelonda represents all the women that have it in their hearts and keep it in mind to share meaningful opportunities.

TRAILBLAZER: Marianne Williamson

This was so difficult for me to choose because so many women have impacted me. Marianne Williamson is a profoundly insightful writer that gives voice to the breakthroughs in our lives. In her books, she unpacks the psychological damage that we internalize one way or another, helps us to identify healthy versus toxic behaviors and inspires us to rebound and thrive. I look to women like Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Elizabeth Gilbert for comfort, guidance, and epiphanies.