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Olivia Farrow

Olivia Farrow

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Olivia Farrow

Director, Community Engagement & Advocacy
Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital

Most Significant Accomplishment:

Overall, the most significant accomplishment, professionally, is the development of a set of core skills that have nurtured my ability to develop key relationships. Those relationships have brought about improvements in the quality of life for our traditionally underserved community members and serves as a professional accomplishment of great significance. As the point person in developing the strategy to bring community members, non-profit organizations, government agencies, development and legal firms together, I was able to lead the development and build of the first city-funded shelter for families experiencing homelessness.

Up until this time, the city-funded shelters were operated as single sex shelters, thereby separating intact families. Families already experiencing trauma were then subjected to additional trauma, particularly the children by having the male parent separated from them for an indefinite amount of time. Pulling together the teams to make this initiative move forward, which had been languishing for years, yielded an accomplishment that I know has been a foundation for positive outcomes for these families who have struggled with the challenges of daily survival.

This is an honoree profile from The Daily Record's Top 100 Women awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.

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