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Sue Ann Lewis Armitage

Sue Ann Lewis Armitage

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Sue Ann Lewis Armitage

Managing Partner
Armitage & Armitage P.A.

What is your most significant accomplishment?

Being the recipient of the Maryland Bar Association’s Pro Bono award was an honor. Over the course of my career, I have been privileged to represent many individuals from all walks of life. One client that I will never forget gives me an annual gift. It is not like other gifts I have received from clients. One client presented to me his deceased wife’s diamond studded cross pendente to thank me for preparing his wife’s will is just one example.

Another gave me an expensive bottle of wine, and others have given me gift certificates for dinner, wine tastings, etc. But this client gave me a gift of fortune. A gift of life. My client was the mother of a severely disabled child who was non-verbal and non-mobile. My client, without any money, had escaped an abusive marriage and now was tasked with pursuing court action to compel her abusive husband to pay for the child’s expenses. The father, a very wealthy businessman, was refusing to pay. The child’s growth had stunted, and he was 8 years old, and in declining health. I spent months getting the father served in another state, putting in place a protective order and going to trial to force the father to pay for his son’s care. I now regularly receive, from my client, the same gift. It is a simple picture. A picture of a smiling child who was not expected to live beyond his 8th birthday and is now thirteen years old.

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