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Suzanne V. Burnett

Suzanne V. Burnett

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Suzanne V. Burnett

Potter Burnett Law

What is your most significant accomplishment?

I consider the creation, growth and success of my law firm to be my most significant accomplishment. I am incredibly proud of some of my jury verdicts for clients who were victims of negligence. I am forever proud of the hard work that went into striking out on my own in 2016, leaving the comfort of an established law firm with a consistent client base and building a better future for myself.

At the time I made that decision, I was pregnant with my first child. It was the scariest professional move I have ever made at a time that I felt most vulnerable.  I tapped into strength, hard work and persistence and applied all of my energy into creation. Myself, along with my partners, have not only built a firm, but have built one that has been highly successful, has grown in size, and has the respect of the bar, the bench and our clients. I am proud of that moment, because

I was able to prove to myself that what I thought may be nearly impossible or out of reach and terrifying, was something I was capable of achieving. It has emboldened me to take more chances, not settle and be more focused on building my own version of success.

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