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Tag Archives: Black Lives Matter

On ‘thin blue line’ imagery at trials, Maryland appeals court issues caution

A criminal defendant’s right to an unbiased jury is not necessarily violated by the courtroom presence of a bailiff wearing a face mask emblazoned with the pro-police “thin blue line” flag during trial, Maryland’s second-highest court ruled Wednesday in upholding ...

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Morrissey bans ‘blue line’ imagery on district court judges, staff apparel

Maryland District Court Chief Judge John P. Morrissey has told his fellow jurists and court staff not to wear any apparel that displays the “blue line” of support for law enforcement while they are on duty or on court property, ...

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Judges should avoid Black Lives Matter rallies, ethics panel says

Maryland judges should not participate in Black Lives Matter rallies because their clarion call for justice system reform and harsh criticism of law enforcement would bring the jurists’ impartiality into question when they return to the courtroom, the state’s Judicial ...

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