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Tester’s ADA lawsuit against Baltimore hotel revived, 4th Circuit finds standing

A person with no intention of visiting Baltimore may sue a city hotel for allegedly failing to state its accommodations for disabled guests, the court ruled.

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4th Circuit dismisses Md.’s emoluments claim against Trump

A federal appeals court on Wednesday dismissed Maryland’s lawsuit alleging corruption by President Donald Trump in the handling of his hotel property in Washington. In a published 3-0 decision, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that Maryland has ...

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Judge dismisses Maryland’s lawsuit claiming nonenforcement of ACA

A federal judge Friday dismissed Maryland’s lawsuit seeking to have the Affordable Care Act declared constitutional and enforceable because the state currently lacks standing, but she left the door open for the lawsuit to be filed again later. U.S. District ...

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Court revives lawsuit against Baltimore-based optometry board

A federal appeals court has revived a lawsuit brought by optometrist applicants who claim a data breach at the industry’s Baltimore-based examining board resulted in disclosure of their personal information to computer hackers who applied for credit cards in their ...

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Federal judge appears ready to let Md.’s emoluments claim proceed

A federal judge appears poised to permit Maryland and the District of Columbia to proceed with their lawsuit alleging President Donald Trump unconstitutionally received personal benefits via his hotel holdings while in office so long as the attorneys general amend ...

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Md. court: Homeowners’ group lacks standing to challenge zoning

Umbrella organizations of homeowners’ associations generally lack standing to challenge zoning decisions because they lack individual resident members who would be harmed by the rezoning, Maryland’s second-highest court said last week in rejecting a group’s bid to oppose redevelopment in ...

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