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Tag Archives: 14th Amendment

Frosh defends Md. handgun licensing amid new high court ruling

Maryland’s attorney general defended the constitutionality of the state’s challenged licensing requirements for would-be handgun buyers as in keeping with the nation’s early history of training militias to use guns.

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Gun group challenges Md. handgun licensing, cites Supreme Court decision

A gun rights group this month resumed its challenge to Maryland’s licensing requirements for would-be handgun purchasers as an infringement on their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

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With Md. laws in their sights, gun rights advocates hail high court’s ruling

The Supreme Court’s decision has emboldened Maryland gun rights advocates in their pending Second Amendment challenges to the state’s handgun permitting and licensing requirements.

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Judge dismisses civil rights claims in Hagerstown inmate’s death

A federal judge this week dismissed – at least for now — civil rights claims brought against state prison personnel by the family of a prisoner beaten to death by his cellmate in a western Maryland penitentiary. Benjamin Hall’s family ...

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