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Md. high court disbars lawyer who ‘borrowed’ from attorney trust

Maryland’s Court of Appeals this week disbarred a Westminster attorney who “violated one of the most sacred obligations” of the legal profession by borrowing money from his attorney trust account without permission from a client. The court found that Clifford ...

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Maryland lawyer wins limited Fifth Amendment victory in ethics case

A Maryland lawyer who invoked the Fifth Amendment during a bar counsel investigation into ethical violations will get the chance to present mitigating factors to a judge following a new ruling from Maryland’s highest court. The lawyer, Edward A. Malone, ...

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Md. court disbars attorney who fabricated evidence to hide ‘lack of competence’

A Baltimore County attorney who failed to competently represent two clients and then obstructed the disciplinary process by ignoring requests for information from Bar Counsel and misrepresenting the work she completed for clients has been disbarred by the state’s top ...

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Md. court suspends Rockville attorney over client billing

A Rockville attorney who attempted to impose a retaining lien on his client’s file due to unpaid legal fees despite having already violated the fee agreement himself by failing to provide the invoices she requested has been indefinitely suspended by ...

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Six client complaints lead to disbarment of Towson attorney

Following an attorney grievance investigation that began with six separate client complaints, a Towson attorney was disbarred due to her lack of response to inquiries from clients and Bar Counsel, her “egregious abandonment” of cases and her failure to return ...

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Top court explains disbarment of attorney who abandoned clients

The Court of Appeals disbarred an attorney because he abandoned his representation of clients in two separate cases and failed to inform Bar Counsel that he had violated an agreement to stop using alcohol and attend counseling sessions. The court ...

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