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Mar 23, 2020

Attorneys turn to drone footage to wake up jurors, win cases

In an effort to engage jurors – and to swing a trial’s outcome in their client’s favor — some attorneys have been turning to drone photography and videography to enhance court presentations. While drone photography hasn’t been used extensively in court, its use is growing, according to Michael Miller, president of MGM Trial Services in […]

Jul 31, 2014

William A. McComas: Health records go digital

Chances are, before or during your visit to a doctor’s office, the first thing you must do is fill out forms with pen and paper.

Mar 2, 2012

Are document reviewers about to be replaced?

The electronic discovery community is all abuzz about U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck’s Feb. 24 opinion in which he recognized that “computer-assisted review is an acceptable way to search for relevant [Electronically Stored Information] in appropriate cases.” Peck, of the Southern District of New York, is one of several judges who has taken an […]

Aug 5, 2011

Old tricks for new lawyers

There seems to be a tendency to think new is always better, particularly for young lawyers. Especially when it comes to new technology. We want to do nearly everything electronically and integrate the newest technology into our practice. New technology has many things to offer attorneys — better turn around times, cost-efficiency, environmental friendliness and […]

Aug 29, 2010

Stop looking for missing paper and Google it instead

I came across a blog post by Ernie the Attorney (I would really like to meet the guy — until I do, I keep picturing an orange muppet with a briefcase) about how to be more efficient by spending less time looking for things. The blog references a Wall Street Journal article about how one […]

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