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Prosecutors, public defender back bail-reform rule

The large amount of police body camera footage is 'remarkable,' Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger says, and it has multiplied as more officers receive cameras so there is more footage for each arrest.

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland’s local lead prosecutors and the state’s chief public defender voiced strong support Tuesday for a six-month old rule designed to prevent judicial officers from imposing bail on defendants beyond their financial means, with the prosecution praising an ...

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Public defender, Judiciary battle over who determines defendants’ indigency

Having district court commissioners determine if defendants are indigent would compromise the commissioners’ ability to be neutral arbiters in cases, Chief Maryland District Court Judge John P. Morrissey told state senators Thursday. ‘We are not the prosecuting body,’ he said. ‘We are the neutral body.’(Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

The Maryland Office of the Public Defender squared off Thursday against the state judiciary over legislation that would transfer the responsibility for determining if a criminal defendant qualifies for state-sponsored counsel from the OPD and give it to district court commissioners.

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Court of Appeals: Judges must appoint counsel if public defender is discharged

The Courts of Appeals building in Annapolis. (The Daily Record File)

Circuit court judges must appoint counsel for indigent criminal defendants who fire, with the judges’ approval, not only their public defender but the Office of Public Defender and still want an attorney, Maryland’s top court has unanimously ruled.

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