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Federal prosecutors investigated ‘significant’ incidents after riots

Federal investigators were dispatched to Baltimore almost immediately after rioting and unrest shook the city last April, and in the following months, charges were levied against several people, including for arson, theft and gun crimes. No arson arrests were made ...

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200 years later, a treason trial in Baltimore

In the wake of the British burning of Washington and the end of the War of 1812, a Maryland lawyer and businessman who returned four British soldiers to the enemy stood on trial for treason in 1815. Almost 200 years later, local judges, attorneys and members of the legal community gathered to recreate the scene in which defense attorney William Pinkney delivered the closing argument that resulted in the jury’s acquittal of John Hodges.

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$6M settlement resolves allegations of upcoding

TranS1 Inc., a medical device manufacturer, will pay a $6 million settlement to the United States due to a civil violation of the False Claims Act when it knowingly told physicians the wrong billing code to increase their reimbursement rates from federal health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

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Baltimore to hire 2 new violent crime prosecutors

Baltimore’s mayor says the city will hire two new prosecutors and detail them to the U.S. attorney’s office to build federal cases against violent criminals in the city. Thursday’s announcement came in response to a spike in violent crime. The ...

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Federal judge rules U.S. had duty to disclose reason for search warrant

In a judicial opinion published just last week in the 2010 investigation of a then-Northrop Grumman Corp. employee, a federal judge sharply rejected the U.S. government’s claim of national security as the reason for not disclosing to the worker the basis for a search warrant of his North Potomac home.

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