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Spacey: Entertainment industry must adapt

spaceyKevin Spacey, star of the filmed-in-Maryland Netflix series “House of Cards,” says if the consumer wants to stuff himself with the entertainment industry’s product, then it’s up to the industry to be an enabler.

“If they want to binge — as they’ve been doing on ‘House Of Cards’ — then we should let them binge,” he told the Edinburgh International Television Festival in Scotland, as reported by the Associated Press.

Netflix, a video streaming service, released all 13 episodes from the first season of “House of Cards” at the same time, and many viewers apparently ingested them in short order.

“We no longer live in a world of appointment viewing,” he said. “So the water cooler has gone virtual, because the discussion is now online. Studios and networks who ignore either shift — whether the increasing sophistication of storytelling or the constantly shifting sands of technological advancement — will be left behind.”

Spacey said his very choice to do a television series reflected this shift.

“Frankly, 15 years ago … my agent would never have allowed me to even consider being on a television series after winning an Oscar,” Spacey said.

Spacey, an Academy Award winner for “The Usual Suspects” and “American Beauty,” portrays the Machiavellian congressman Frank Underwood, biting into the character with the same relish that Underwood regularly displays in chowing down on a rack of ribs at a hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint.