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Alison Velez Lanelane-alison-velez-first-option

CEO and Director
The Campaign Train Group

The past year has added a level of stress to the daily lives of business leaders that was unimaginable until last March. As someone who has sustained achievement what advice can you give to the Top 100 Women on how they take care of themselves while trying to help so many others (home, work, community? We all know self care if critical, but also very hard in stressful times.

I am a stroke survivor. In my recovery and rebuilding process, I have discovered that my choice of words is important. Therefore, I choose to use the term “Stroke Victress.” In my journey as a “Stroke Victress,” I am led by my ability to recover, rebuild, reorganize and realize my visions, goals, dreams, plans, hopes and victories.

Creating and cultivating balance, joy, skill development and continual learning are essential. I honor the powers of prayer, peace, purpose, priorities, partnership, participation, perspective, patience, pruning and performance. My prime performance requires optimum spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Participate in relationships, rituals, routines, rest and rewards which nourish your spiritual serenity, brain function, body energy and work performance.

How do you and your other Circle of Excellence honorees use your influence and achievement to help the women who want to grow to your level of success?

These women inspire women to set priorities, plan strategies, choose partners, perform duties and complete projects. These women respect the role, requirements and rewards of relationships. These women understand that healthy and whole spirits, minds and bodies play an important role in their ability to persevere, perform, rebuild, recover, withstand and win. These women understand that in the business world facts are more important than feelings. At the same time, they love themselves intently, maintain healthy mental habits and emotional intelligence. These women take the time to learn from the words and wisdom and ways of other successful people.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's Top 100 Women awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.